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Why does water leak on the floor?

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Why does water leak on the floor?



Symptom Symptom


             1. Water is leaking from the bottom of a freezer.



Cause Reason


            1. A poor installation of water purifier hose can cause water leak.
            2. Also when heater does not operate properly, water can leak to the floor. 
            3. High humidity can also cause water leakage.




How to fix How to fix


             1. Check if a kitchen sink is installed near the refrigerator.

             2. Leaks at the bottom of the refrigerator may come from the kitchen sink.

             3. If filter tubes are the cause, close feed valve, and contact service center.


            ※ If the reason is not found, or it is difficult to fix, please contact the service center.


            Water line connection  Water line connection  sink

                      Water line connection                                                                    Sink


            First, check for water line connections to the sink and filter.





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