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How do I ground a multi-outlet?

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  • עדכון אחרון 04/08/2018

How do I ground a multi-outlet?



symptom Symptom


              How to ground an outlet





potential cause Cause


             1. Some multi-outlets are not grounded.

             2. If a house electric wiring is not grounded, weak electric shocks can be felt from a refrigerator due to electricity leakage.




how to setup How to setup


1. It is not recommended to connect a refrigerator to a multi-outlet. If it is unavoidable, please use one with a power rating of 15 ampere or higher.

2. Please call a qualified person to ground the house wiring. Make sure to use a grounded multi-outlet to prevent electricity leakage.

              ※ Plugging in a number of electronic appliances into a multi-outlet strip can cause fire and electricity leakages.

                 grounded outlet


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