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Is the dispenser drawer cleaned?

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  • עדכון אחרון 12/20/2017
Is the dispenser drawer cleaned?



cause Cause



         ■ When excessive amount of detergent is used some may be left undissolved, blocking water flow into the machine and causing leakage.

how to fix How to fix


         Use adequate amount of detergent and clean the dispenser drawer by taking it out from the machine.


         ■ If not washed, detergent residues in the drawer can flow into the tub, causing foam during rinsing.


                 guideline for detergent level




      Guideline for cleaning dispenser drawer



           - Dispenser drawer should be periodically cleaned for best performance.

              Otherwise, water can overflow or leak due to residues in the dispenser drawer.



           - Completely disassemble the dispenser drawer and clean.


             1) Press and hold the fabric softener cap and slowly take the drawer out.
             2) Clean the drawer as well as the area where the drawer is inserted.
             3) It is recommended to clean the drawer once a week.
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