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Power Issues)Reset & Test_ Top Loader

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Power Issues)Reset & Test_ Top Loader


Power Issues


Resetand Test     

 How to fix

Ifthe unit has lost power and will not power on, perform a reset to attempt torestore power. During this process

visuallycheck the power cord to see if it is frayed or damaged in any way.

1. Unplug the washer or turn off the circuitbreaker

2. Allow 10 seconds to pass

3. Plug the washer back in or turn thecircuit breaker back on.

Afterperforming the reset, press the power button to see if the unit will power on.If power isn't restored,

proceedthrough the rest of this guide.

Note:For models all, the power button will not respond for 2 minutes after the cyclehas ended. This is done as the capacitor discharges to help protect the controlpanel. Allow 2 minutes to pass, and press the power button again.




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