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Performance)Remain stain on the clothe _ Top Loader

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/06/2018

Performance)Remain stain on the clothe _ Top Loader




Washing / Remain stain on the clothe.

 How to fix

Q. What kind of clothes do you wash? Did you wash the heavy soil clothes?
A. If you washed heavy soil the clothes, it can be possible happen. you need to preprocess stain.
     Here’s some tip for better performance :

     1. Soak option : Soak is very helpful for remove dirty item.
     2. Bright White cycle or Sanitary cycle (For WT10**/11**/12** does not have Sanitary cycle)
     3. Soil level change to the heavy and select water temperature Hot or Extra hot depending on your model.




1. בכללי, באיזו מידה מאמר זה היה שימושי עבורך?
1.1 מדוע הכתבה לא פתרה את הבעיה שלך?

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