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Malfunction)Cycle time/ Long time wash_ Top Loader

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Malfunction)Cycle time/ Long time wash_ Top Loader




Cycle time / Long time wash

 How to fix

Q. What cycle was selected? Cotton/normal or heavy duty cycle?
Yes : If you use Cotton/Normal or Heavy duty cycle, it can happen easily.

     These two cycles are DOE cycles, meaning they provide energy savings according to the USA government requirement.

     As DOE Cycles, they use less water than other cycles.
     This requirement is same for all US energy star labeled washing machines.

     * For models WT5860**/WT1701** :
    For this reason, we recommend “Power Cleanse" cycle
     * For models WT5******/WT4***CW :
    For this reason, we recommend "PermPress/Casual" cycle.  
     * For models WT1****** :
    For this reason, we recommend "Pure color" cycle.
    (If customer want to use cotton or heavy duty, recommends water plus or
abric softener option)

    This cycle uses more water and a deep tub rinse, so better washing and rinsing performance.

    The deep tub rinse will give less UE or unbalance.(Deep rinse compared to Jet spray Rinse)

     If you decide to continue to use Cotton/Normal, Sanitary, and Heavy Duty cycles.
     Adding the Fabric Softener Option to the cycle  will change the Jet Spray
Rinse to a Deep Rinse.
     This increase in water will help to better distribute the load during the
rinse cycle which may result in fewer vibrations.

    Other cycle : Proceed to unbalanced load or Leveling.








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