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Water leaks from my air conditioner. Why?

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  • עדכון אחרון 04/08/2018

Water leaks from my air conditioner. Why?


Symptom Symptom


             Water drips from the air conditioner indoor unit.


Cause Cause          


             1. You may find the water dripping from the indoor unit if the air filter is clogged.

             2. Water may leak when dust accumulates on cooling fins.




If the air filter is clogged,


How to fix How to clean an air filter


             1. Lift up the front cover to find the air filter.

             2. Take out the filter. Wash with water and dry in shade. Place it back in before use.

                 ※ Clean the filter once every two weeks to maintain the product performance.


                       How to clean the air filter

            3. Remove the air filter.

            4. Clean with the vacuum cleaner or soft brush (Please wash with water for heavy soils).

            5. Dry completely in shade. Place it back and close the front panel.

                      How to clean the air filter

                                 ※  Assemble in reverse order.


When dust accumulates on cooling fins,

 How to fix How to fix

             Please clean the cooling fins.

             1. Take out the filter to find the cooling fins.

             2. Brush them from top to bottom using a toothbrush or a brush

                 ※ Be careful not to hurt yourself while cleaning the cooling fins.


                 How to clean the cooling fins







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