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What should I do when drying time shortens?

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  • עדכון אחרון 12/17/2017

What should I do when drying time shortens?




cause Cause


      - In a cycle, a dryer detects dampness of laundry to control drying time.


        If the amount of the laundry is too low, the unit cannot detect properly, thus shortening the drying time.



how to fix How to fix


    - With Sensor Drying, a dryer detects dryness of laundry to control total drying time.

       Drying time displayed earlier may decrease when the load is small.


      proper function

    - When drying a small load, remaining drying time on display may be reduced.

      However, if the laundry was completely dried, the machine is properly functioning.


    - If an excessively small load is dried in Sensor Drying, the machine cannot detect the laundry and will stop after 10 minutes.

      In this case, laundry may not be fully dried. Please put in more laundry to dry or add time in Manual Drying orTimed Drying to continue. 


    early stop, add more laundry

         add time








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