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[Cleaning a Condenser] How should I clean a condenser?

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[Cleaning a Condenser] How should I clean a condenser?





how to use How to use


       ■ How to clean a dryer condenser


          - Condenser is a device that removes moisture from laundry. It should be kept clean at all times to prevent
             to maintain the optimal performance of a dryer.


          - Please clean the condenser every three months or when Clean Condenser appears on display.


       ▶ Cleaning Procedures


          1) Condenser can be found at the bottom left of a dryer. 
               Remove an outer cover first and unfasten two hooks to remove an inner cover. Take out the condenser.


               separating condenser


          2) Wash the condenser in running water and dry

               reassemble condenser



         3) To put the condenser back, insert it and hook two Put condenser back into dryer and fasten two hooks
              (If not fastened, condensed water can leak or dews may from on display).


          4) Fasten hooks and put back the outer cover. Reassembly is complete.





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