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How do I remove white stains inside a tub?

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  • עדכון אחרון 12/17/2017

How do I remove white stains inside a tub?



cause Cause


      ■ White stains inside a dishwasher or on glassware are due to a chemical compound of 
Calcium (Ca) or Magnesium (Mg) in water with detergent.


         white stain



how to fix How to fix


      1. For a dishwasher that can load 6 plate settings without a water softener, 
   please try run a Heavy cycle or add extra rinse
to reduce stains. 
          control panel


     2. For a dishwasher that can load 12 plate settings with a water softener,
         please check hardness of water with a hardness cartridge enclosed with a manual.


     3. Please set the water softener corresponding to the hardness of water.

         (Please refer to a user's manual for more information)


     4. To remove stains, put 200-300mL of vinegar in a small container and place it inside. 
         Run a cycle without dishes.










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