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LG V30 Floating Bar

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/15/2018
LG V30 Floating Bar

Now your favorite apps are even easier to access—app shortcuts and notifications for calls, texts, emails and more are prominently displayed on a floating bar. Move the bar anywhere on the screen or hide it when it’s no longer needed.

  1. Find Setting

    Tap Settings > General Tab, then scroll to Floating Bar.

  2. Enable Floating Bar

    Tap the OFF toggle to ON  to enable Floating bar.

  3. Floating Bar Settings

    You can select content to display on the Floating Bar and change itsdisplay order. Select from:

    • Shortcuts
    • Screen Capture
    • Music Player
    • Quick Contacts
  4. Open Floating Bar

    Tap the Floating Bar arrow to open, tap again to close.

  5. Move Floating Bar

    Tap and hold the floating bar, then drag it to thedesired location.


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