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[G2] E-mail

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Function E-mail


     You can use the E-mail application to read emails from services like Gmail. The E-mail
     application supports the following account types: POP3, IMAP and Exchange.
     Your service provider or system administrator can provide you with the account settings
     you need.


How to use Managing an email account

     The first time you open the E-mail application, a set-up wizard opens to help you to set
     up an email account.
     After the initial set-up, E-mail displays the contents of your inbox.

     To add another email account:
     Tap image > image > Apps tab > E-mail > tap image > Settings > image Add account.

     To change an email account's settings:
     Tap image > image > Apps tab > E-mail > tap image > Settings > General settings.

     To delete an email account:
     Tap image > image > Apps tab > E-mail > tap image > Settings > tap image > Remove
       account > Select the account to delete > Remove > select Yes.

How to use Working with account folders

     Tap image > image > Apps tab > E-mail > tap image and select Folders.
     Each account has an Inbox, Outbox, Sent and Drafts folder. Depending on the features
     supported by your account's service provider, you may have additional folders.



How to use Composing and sending email

     To compose and send a message

     1  While in the E-mail application, tap the image.

     2  Enter an address for the message's intended recipient. As you enter text, matching
         addresses will be proposed from your Contacts. Separate multiple addresses using

     3  Tap the image to add a Cc/Bcc and tap image to attach files, if required.

     4  Enter the text of the message.

     5  Tap image.

     ※ TIP! When a new email arrives in your Inbox, you will be notified by a sound
                   or vibration.



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