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[V10] How long is the battery usage hours?

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/22/2018

How long is the battery usage hours?


     Even when you are not using smart phone program, memory is in operation consuming battery, and
     when there are many programs running or various additional functions are in use, battery usage 
     hours may get shorter, and battery consumption increases for using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and e-mail 

 Battery usage hours

     It is continued call 21hrs and continued standby 160hrs, 
     which is measured with meter in our lab according to the standard set by Korea Consumer Agency 
     for smart phone battery usage hours measurement and display method. The battery usage hours 
     may be different from the battery specification according to the form serviced by mobile 
     service provider, usage temperature, battery usage hours, and the movement of the user, etc.

 How to save battery

     1. When mobile phone is not in use, maintain the front screen in 
         lock state.
     2. If you do not use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network, turn off the function.
     3. Set the automatic screen OFF time to be as short as possible.
     4. Lower the screen’s brightness to the lowest.


     1. If you do not replace the battery properly, there is a risk of explosion. 
     2. Dispose the used battery according to the guide of the manufacturer.
     3. When you visit the service center with battery problem, please bring mobile phone, battery,
         and recharger.



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