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[V10] I am curious of how to use QuickMemo+ function.

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/06/2018
I am curious of how to use QuickMemo+ function.



     It is a smart memo app integrating all the functions such as memo pad, notebook, screen capture, etc.
     that you could see in the previous mobile phones, and you can freely make memo by taking out the
     memo book and using text input, handwriting with pen, and eraser, etc.

 How to Use

     ■ Writing memo From the home screen,

     select Apps ▶ QuickMemo+ and press to add new memo.



     ■ Screen capture and write memo

     Drag down the status indicator line in the screen to capture, select Capture+ to capture the
     corresponding screen, and then you can freely make memo.



     ■ Take a picture and write memo

     You can freely make memo by directly loading a picture to the memo book in QuickMemo+.




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