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Touchscreen does not respond correctly

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/20/2018

Touchscreen does not respond correctly


cause Cause


              Users directly control the touchscreen with their hands and the level of deterioration or following errors may vary.


              1. Sweat, dust, cosmetic products, and moisture can cause touch errors. 


              2. Phone may not respond to touch or slow to respond when apps that need very high CPU are run. 


              3. Products with capacitive touch sensor system consist of fine electrical circuits, and

                  they can malfunction because of static electricity or humidity.

                  - When an icon on LCD screen is too small, the place the user touches may be different from where the phone recognizes. 
                    Accuracy is also low around the edges of the screen due to the structure of touch panel, leading to a wrong response.   


              4. Buttons can be pressed in a pocket by body movements. 


              5. Use of third parties’ chargers can cause malfunction during charging due to power noise as 
                  they tend to use low-priced and low-quality parts.


              6. Please use protective films manufactured by LG to avoid errors and failures.


              7. Be careful not to place the phone near conductible objects such as keys, coins, necklaces, and watches. 
                  Keep away water from the product. 


              8. Do not block the proximity sensor with a hand during a call.


 how to fix How to fix


              Do not cover the proximity sensor with a protective film, a pouch, or a cover not produced by LG. 
              It may cause errors. 


              screen protector


              - For phones with capacitive touch sensor system (Without pens)

                Please use protective films produced by LG.



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