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Battery drain rapidly. What should I do?

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/20/2018

Battery drain rapidly. What should I do?


symptom Symptom


              Rapid  Battery  Drain


cause Cause


             1. Check signal strength. When signal strength is low, the phone has to use a greater power to send and receive information.

             2. See brightness. Turning the LCD back light on depletes the battery quickly.

             3. Close applications properly. When you press Home button to exit applications, they are running in the background.

             4. Rooting gives authority of super user over Android system that can cause data change in battery management, accelerating battery rundown.

             5. Applications requiring regular updates such as stock and weather widgets are likely to accelerate battery drain if their update cycle is short.

             6. Real-time sync consumes the battery quickly. E.g.  Email alarms and contacts

             7. Please reboot after installing a number of apps at once. Many widgets on the background also increases power consumption.

             8. Live wallpapers consumes more power than normal wallpapers.

             9. Check if Wi-Fi is on. If yes, the phone will continuously detect a Wi-Fi wireless router or Wi-Fi zone, resulting in power drain.

             10. Turn off Bluetooth. It helps to save the energy used to find other Bluetooth devices.


             11. Skype, Facebook, App usage apps tend to consume much power. Make sure to close them properly.



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