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[LG Bridge] What is LG AirDrive?

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[LG Bridge] What is LG AirDrive?


how to use How to Manage Files in a Mobile Device on a PC Wirelessly


             LG AirDrive lets you to control files in your device via a wireless connection.

             To use, sign in to your LG account on both the PC and mobile device.



             How to sign in and out

             icon Click LG AirDrive on your PC.





             icon Sign in to your LG account.





             icon Once your phone is connected to the PC, its name will appear followed by Stop Sharing feature.     

             icon Click Stop Sharing to disconnect the device.




             icon An ID that you signed in appears

             icon When checked, you will be automatically signed in when you run LG AirDrive.
             icon If you sign out of your LG account, LG AirDrive will be disconnected.


how to use How to View and Copy Content


             LG AirDrive enables you to see files stored in your mobile device, such as images, audio,  videos,

             and document files on a PC.


             icon Click the name of the device connected via LG AirDrive  to display files.



             icon You can also access the files by going 
                       To Computer > Portable Devices and clicking on the device.




             icon Or directly access the mobile device connected via LG AirDrive on the File Explorer window.




             How to copy files from your PC to a mobile device.

             icon Select a file and drag it to the device folder.





             icon The file will be copied from the PC to the mobile device. 
                   You can also transfer files from the mobile device to the PC in the same way.



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