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[G4] How can I use a micro SD card?

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/22/2018
How can I use a micro SD card?



image What is micro SD card?


            Micro SD card stores pictures, videos, and mp3 files. You can easily insert and remove

            the card to reuse it.



image How to use

            How to insert the micro SD card

            Make sure the metallic pins face downward and gently insert the card into the slot.



            ※ Please do not confuse the micro SD card with the Micro USIM card. 



            How to remove the micro SD card

            Hold the card with your fingers and pull out from the slot.






            1. If you remove the micro SD card while it is in use, the card can be damaged or the system

                can malfunction. Make sure you unmount the card before removing it. 
                Go to Settings > General > Storage >
Unmount SD card.


            2.  Do not forget to back up data to your PC. LG does not hold responsibility for any data loss.
            3. Avoid using the card that does not meet requirements. It can damage the product.

            4. Insert the micro SD card in the correct direction.

            5.  Micro SD card is compatible up to 2TB

                (It may not be compatible depending on the manufacturer or defects).


            6. Please contact the store or LG Electronics Customer Service for your inquiries regarding

                the micro SD card.



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