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[G4] How can I use Quiet Mode?

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/22/2018

How can I use Quiet Mode?



image What is Quiet Mode?


            Starting with Lollipop OS update, you can use the interruption slider to control notifications. 
            To receive notifications, set the slider to
Priority mode. You won’t receive any notifications

            in “No interruptions” mode.





image How to use

            1. Go to Settings Interruptions Calls and notification to select what you will see

                (All interruptions / Priority only / No interruptions.) You can also control on the

                notification bar.


            2. If you choose All Interruptions, you will receive all notifications with sound or vibrations

                based on your settings.

            3. When Priority Only mode is chosen, only notifications from selected apps will appear. 

            4. To receive certain messages or incoming calls, go to Allow Receiving menu. For example,

                set calls and message to have priority and allow the notifications only from saved contacts. 
                You will know with a sound or vibration when you receive calls or messages from saved



            5. In No Interruptions mode, all notifications will be silent. You cannot change sound or

                vibration settings when No Interruptions mode is on.



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