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[G2] Wi-Fi

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Function explanation Wi-Fi


     With Wi-Fi, you can use high-speed Internet access within the coverage of the wireless access point (AP). Enjoy wireless Internet using Wi-Fi, without extra charges.


How to use Connecting to Wi-Fi networks

     To use Wi-Fi on your phone, you need to access a wireless access point or ‘hotspot’.

     Some access points are open and you can simply connect to them. Others are hidden or use security features; you must configure your phone to be able to connect to them.
     Turn off Wi-Fi when you're not using it to extend the life of your battery.


     ※NOTE: If you are out of the Wi-Fi zone or have set Wi-Fi to OFF, additional charges may be applied by your mobile operator for mobile data use.



How to use Turning Wi-Fi on and connecting to a Wi-Fi network

     1  Tap image > image > Apps tab > image Settings > Networks tab > Wi-Fi.

     2  Set Wi-Fi to ON to turn it on and start scanning for available Wi-Fi networks.

Tap the Wi-Fi menu again to see a list of active and in-range Wi-Fi networks.

        • Secured networks are indicated by a lock icon.

     4  Tap a network to connect to it.
        • If the network is secured, you are prompted to enter a password or other credentials. (Ask your network administrator for details)

     5  The status bar displays icons that indicate Wi-Fi status.


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