Condensed Milk(1 Can), Chocolate Powder 2 tablespoons, Margarine 1 teaspoon, Chocolate Gradulado
(Weight Range 0.4kg, Microwave-safe bowl)

  • Auto Cook

    Brazil: Use Popular Menu No.5

    1. Place all ingredients except the Chocolate Granulado into a deep oven-safe dish and stir.
    2. Place Dish in the oven and start cooking.
    3. Stir once more, then set aside for cooling.
    4. After the dish has cooled, form mixture into spheres and coat with Chocolate Granulado.
    5. Complete the dish by placing the spheres into paper wrappers.

  • Manual Cook

    1. Put all ingredients in a deep bowl microwave oven.
    * Stir once per baking.
    2. After cooking, remove the bowl and leave it rest to cool.
    3. After cooling, roll and cover with chocolate.

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