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I want to register magic remote control / Some magic remote control buttons don’t function

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  • Last Updated 26/06/2018

The magic remote control is not properly registered,  Or pairing may had been disconnected.


) First check if there is any object covering the TV set’s remote signal area

) If the battery power is low, replace both 2 batteries at the same time.

) Register the magic remote control

     ① Press both Home button and Back button at the same time for more than 5 secs.

     Press the remote control’s wheel button towards the TV set

     ③ “Registering new Magic Remote” pop-up menu appears

     ④ Once completed, “Your Magic remote has been successfully registered” pop-up message appears.

If the problem persists, press the magic remote control’s  “Caption” button for more than 10secs.


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