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I can't play VCD

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  • Last Updated 28/06/2016

I can't play VCD


You can’t play VCD.

 How to fix

All the products such as DVD, Home Theatre, etc. produced after July, 2008 do not have a feature that can read VIDEO CD.

(Customers do not use this feature pretty much and if one pick-up reads too many features, it will be overwork for it. We focused more on the quality.)

Check if the disc is VCD disc. 
For some models, they don’t support VCD.
[For the players that support VCD, if you insert the disc, the image below will appear on the screen.]

 If it is installed at dusty place or if you didn’t use it for a long time, the pick-up lens may be dusty. Purchase a cleaning disc and use it after cleaning.

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