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    I forgot TV lock PIN code.
    PIN code initialization.Reset PIN Code) [Home] → [Safety] → [Reset PIN CodeDo NOT press “OK” button,Just press the button of remote control as below.Channel Up key 2 times→ Channel Down key 1 time→ Channel Up key 1 timeMaster PIN code input...
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    [WebOS TV] How to Connect External Hard Disk in LG Smart TVs
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    YouTube Video: [LG WebOS TV] How to Use Magic Remote
    [LG WebOS TV] - How to Use Magic Remote<br>Learn How to Use Magic RemotePlease refer our below playlist to know more about LG WebOS Smart TVs differentfeatures & functions:1. TV Demo & Settings Guide:
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    How to enter PIN Code when connecting bluetooth device
    How to enter PIN Code when connecting bluetooth deviceSymptomPIN Code is asked when connecting bluetooth device.CauseThere are bluetooth audio devices that require PIN Code.How to fixCheck the pre-set PIN Code of bluetooth audio device and ...
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    Key locked message appears when pressing the button on TV body.
    Key locked message appears when pressing the button on TV body.SymptomIf key lock function is activated, TV is not operated by buttons on its body.※ Only power button is working.How to fixSet and cancel “key lock” mode with TV remote contro...
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    ’17 New Function : OLED Gallery
    Function: use OLED Gallery themes to create a variety of interior and spaces● How to register 1. [Home] → [OLED Gallery] app . (Art Gallery of Art, Sunny/Rainy scenery, and my photo play list) 2. How to play “My photo”①Click “Add” on the to...
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Game App

You can enjoy more games by downloading them to an external device(USB memory, HDD). Use the links below to download.
NOTICE : Please prepare a USB memory or HDD to save Game App. files.

  • Bobble Pong

    Match three or more consecutive bubbles of the same color using the arrow.
    The matching bubbles will pop and your scores will rise.

  • Monster World

    Get various items while avoiding monsters and pumpkins.
    Once you remove all monsters you can proceed to the next stage for more items!

  • Valentine

    Match chocolate pieces by following each recipe to make it complete.