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A New Dimension in
sound from above

Immerse yourself in a new level of sound with LG's range of Blu-ray home theatre system that gives you a 360° sound as it’s meant to be with Cinema 3D Sound

Blu-ray Home Theatre Systems

Get the ultimate in digital entertainment. Using the most advanced digital sound and video technology available, LG delivers Blu-ray home theatre systems with cinema-theater quality sounds and crystal-clear images. Learn More

Discover some of the amazing features available on LG Blu-ray home theatre systems:

Blu-ray: With the reigning high-definition DVD format based on blue laser technology and sophisticated compression for ultimate storage capacity, a Blu-ray home theatre system gives you an enhanced entertainment experience.

AM/FM tuner: Listen to your favourite radio stations in stunning surround sound – and rediscover your passion for music, talk, news, and sports radio.

iPod® and iPhone® compatibility: When you choose an LG Blu-ray home theatre system that supports iPod® and iPhone® products, you can plug in and rock out.

Upscale Standard DVDs: This feature allows you to watch standard DVDs in near 1080p resolution.

LG Sound Gallery: Available with select Blu-ray home theater systems, this option includes a professional digital processor for true cinema-quality sound.

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