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Discover LG Blu-Ray players

With LG’s new Blu-ray and home theater systems, you can now play your old favorites and stream the newest movies in 3D and surround sound.

Blu-ray Players

LG Blu-ray players not only give you a full HD 1080p experience, but they offer the possibility of unlimited entertainment access. Explore our newest selection of Blu-ray players and create the ultimate home theatre. Learn More

With an LG Blu-ray player, you’ll enjoy a wide range of options and features, such as:

Superior resolution: Experience enhanced home entertainment with Blu-ray discs that have more than twice the resolution of standard DVDs, not to mention superior sound.

3D Blu-ray Players: Enjoy 3D Blu-ray Disc™ movies in full HD 1080p. When you choose a 3D Blu-ray player, you’ll also be able to watch Blu-ray Disc movies in high definition.

1080p Upscaling: With a Blu-ray player featuring 1080p upscaling, you can enjoy improved picture quality while watching Standard Definition (SD) DVDs.

NetCastTM Entertainment Access: An LG Blu-ray player featuring NetCast entertainment access gives you the ability to stream YouTube videos, view photos on Picasa, get Accu Weather information and listen to music via vTuner. (Internet usage charges and conditions may apply.).

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