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Blast your heart with
LG DVD Home theatre

With the new range of LG DVD
home theatre systems that deliver
powerful sound and adds decor to
your living room, Life can only
get better.

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DVD Home Theatre Systems

Bring your favourite movies and TV shows to life. With an LG DVD home theatre system featuring innovative sound and the latest video technology, you can create a cinema-like experience at home. Learn More

Explore just a few of the features available on our DVD home theatre systems:

Progressive Scan: With an LG DVD home theatre system featuring a progressive scan DVD player, you’ll see all of the colours on the screen instantly, without any break between the scanning lines – resulting in flicker-free, high-density images.

1080p Up-Scaling via HDMI: When you choose a DVD home theatre system with 1080p upscaling, you’ll get near HD-quality pictures from standard DVDs (when connected to an HD TV).

Surround Sound: All of our DVD home theatre systems come will full surround sound technology and a wide range of speakers, enabling you to hear even the most nuanced of sounds.

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