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Cool is our
way of Life!!!

LG Freezers keep your food items
cool despite power outages for up
to 48 hours.


LG freezers offer maximum capacity and take up minimum space. Explore our complete collection and find a freezer with digital controls, precise settings and a sleek design that also offers you more room for your favourite foods. Learn More

Find LG freezers with innovative features, such as:

Total No Frost Technology: Enjoy even cooling with a multi-air flow system that evenly spreads cool air into every corner of the freezer – and offers faster, more even cooling, which allows your food to stay fresher.

LED Light: Gives a brighter light and last five times longer than conventional freezer lights.

FRESH 0 ZONE: When you choose an LG freezer featuring Fresh Zone 0 technology, you’ll get a special compartment designed to stay at zero degrees – ensuring the quality of your meat and fish for longer.

Twist Ice Tray: This innovative new feature on our freezers allows ice to be made quickly and easily, with no mess.

Zero Clearance: Our Zero Clearance design means that the drawers in your freezer can still be opened, even if its door is open just 90 degrees. On most freezers you have to open the door fully to be able to access drawer content. With Zero Clearance, you can put your freezer anywhere in the room, without restrictions – making it ideal for corners and tight spaces.

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