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Cook More in No Time

Always versatile and stylish, LG Microwave ovens give you more reasons to use your microwave, with innovative features keeping you agog.


LG microwave ovens are designed for modern home cooks. Explore the latest innovations in cooking, including microwaves with convection and SolarDOM technology. Learn More

Discover the ultimate in microwave oven technology from LG, including:

SolarDOM Technology: With fast, efficient 3-in-1 functionality, microwave ovens with SolarDOM technology allow you to grill, microwave and bake dishes all in one appliance.

Steam Cooking: For a healthier option, our steam microwaves combine the speed and power of microwave cooking with the health benefits of steam cooking. With this type of LG microwave oven, steam penetrates deeper into your food, helping to remove excess fat and lock in more healthy nutrients.

Round Cooking Cavities: Many LG microwaves feature round cooking cavities that can cook 30% faster than a conventional square-cavity microwave oven. They also give you 60% more cooking space so you can cook more with less hassle. And there are no internal corners – so they’re easier to clean.

Auto Cook, Grill, Defrost and Heat Programmes: Prepare your favourite foods with just the touch of a button. LG microwave ovens feature special programmes that allow you to cook foods to perfection simply by selecting a style of cooking and food type, then entering the weight of the food.

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