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Even Cooking, More Browny

LG Convection Microwaves is the best for your kitchen
that allows you to cook more qucikly and evenly,
delivering to your table a more browny, tastier and healthier meal.

Convection Microwaves

LG convection microwaves offer a multi-heating system that allows you to defrost, cook, bake and even grill foods in the push of a button. Learn More Learn More

LG convection microwaves offer a wide range of convenient features and functions. Explore just a few of the reasons our convection microwave ovens are popular choices among cooks everywhere:

Even Cooking: With the help of the rare fan that circulates hot air in the microwave oven, foods are being cooked quickly and evenly.

Crispy Cook: For those who like crispy dishes, our convection microwaves’ Crispy Cook function allows you to achieve the perfect texture.

Taste Saver: Hold your dishes at the perfect temperature. Many LG convection microwaves come equipped with the Taste Saver function, which lets you keep food warm for up to 90 minutes in the microwave without spoiling.

Auto Defrost Menus: With this feature, you can defrost meat, poultry, fish and bread perfectly – without any hotspots.

Two-Stage Cooking: Available on select convection microwaves, the two-stage cooking feature allows you to choose different power settings and timings, so you can cook your food in two stages without worrying that it’s being overcooked.

Auto Roast Grill: This unique feature available on many of our convection microwave ovens allows you to perfectly roast meats and veggies in the touch of a button.

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