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LG QWERTY phone makes sending texts, emails and IMs super easy.

QWERTY Keyboard Phones

From ergonomic QWERTY cell phones that keep your thumbs in tip-top shape, to dueling keyboards that let you text, email and IM at the speed of light, you’ll find an innovatively designed LG QWERTY keyboard phone to suit your life. Learn More

Discover just a few of the options available on our QWERTY keyboard phones:

Wide Touch Screens: In addition to the keyboards, many of our QWERTY cell phones feature wide touch screens, allowing you to take interactivity to the next level by controlling all of your phone's functions with just the swipe of your finger.

Built-in Cameras: QWERTY keyboard phones with built-in cameras allow you to send photos to friends at lightning speed.

Mobile Email: Available on select phones, this feature allows you to send and receive email wherever you go.

Threaded Messaging: LG QWERTY cell phones with threaded messaging allow you to organize your text messages into ongoing “threads" for a conversation-like effect.

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