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LG Refrigerators are built to deliver world class cooling effect ensuring your foodstuffs are preserved while adding beauty to your kitchen.

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From the traditional to the contemporary, LG offers innovative fridges featuring the latest in style and technology. Explore our newest collection and discover the right fridge for the way you live. Learn More

LG fridges come in a wide range of sizes and styles. Explore the types of fridges below and discover the perfect option for your home:

Side-by-Side/Double Door: Our side-by-side fridge features vertical refrigerator and freezer doors, making it easy to see everything in your fridge and your freezer simultaneously.

Bottom Freezer: These stylish fridges have the refrigerator door at eye level and feature a freezer door below, so the things you use the most are always within reach.

Top Freezer: With the freezer on top, you can gain easy access to your favourite frozen foods, while leaving your refrigerated items at a comfortable, reachable level.

Single Door: With all of your favourite foods stored in a single-door fridge, you can access everything you want quickly and easily. Plus, with their sleek, streamlined design, these LG fridges will make your kitchen look spectacular.

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