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[Washing Machine]Water leaks from the bottom. 2 (Top Loading Washer)

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  • Last Updated 04/09/2015
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1. If water leaks occur in the washer you have been previously using with no problems, it is very likely that water splash, or environment is the main reason for the leaks. 2. If you load a large item such as a comforter or blanket, water splashes the load during water supply and it may lead to water leaks. 3. Load a moderate amount of laundry in the washer. 4. Did you add excessive amounts of detergent? If you use too much detergent, it may cause oversudsing which will overflow from the washer. The bubbles spilling over the washer may look like a water leak. Add the recommended amount of detergent.

Water leaks from the bottom. 2 (Top Loading Washer)

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