LG PuriCare 91 m² Coverage area, Baby Care Function, 6 step filtration, PM 1.0 Sensor
AED 3,699
  • 360° Purification
  • Baby Care Function
  • HEPA Allergy , Deodorizing Filter
  • Clean Booster Fan
  • PM 1.0 and Odor sensor
  • SmartThinQ (Mobile Control App)


LG PuriCare 91 m² Coverage area, Baby Care Function, 6 step filtration, PM 1.0 Sensor
AED 3,699
Global_Certification_D-V1 Global_Certification_M-V1-new
AAFA Certified (America)1

AAFA Certified (America)

Capability to reduce bio-allergen airborne levels by 75% or greater over time.
BAF Certified1

BAF Certified

Offers performance backed by BAF (British Allergy Foundation) certification, and prevents allergens that can cause respiratory and skin diseases.
CA Certified1

CA Certified

Earned accreditation after numerous tests, including measurement of cleaning ability.
CA Certified1

CA Certified

The optical dust sensor is certified for its ability to detect and remove super-fine dust.
KAF Certified1

KAF Certified

KAF (Korea Asthma Allergy Foundation) certification is only given to products that are guaranteed to help with asthma and allergies.


The Critic Reviewer1

The Critic Reviewer

It is a perfect product for people who have the dust allergies and asthma patients. Especially when you have a baby in the house and you are worried about the germs and dust around.
The Global Gazette1

The Global Gazette

PuriCare is seen but never heard. The striking cylinder with two filters, a rotating booster fan and tons of tiny holes covering its exterior, works in silence.
PC Mag Middle East1

PC Mag Middle East

Dust particles are measured by particulate matter. PM 10 being the standard that air purifiers can technically get rid of. The LG PuriCare 360 can go smaller, PM 1.0 and they'll clean these up really quickly.
Global-MontblancD-28-2020-02-Certificates-Desktop Global-MontblancD-28-2020-02-Certificates-Mobile
*Based on LG's experiment, 90% reduction in dust concentration compared to the initial stage, 259 ㎡, AS309DWA turbo wind operation, 24% (16 minutes and 30 seconds) faster when the Clean Booster is operating compared to when the Clean Booster is not in operation.
*Test Date: February 2019
*Testing institution: LG Electronics
*Test subject: LG Electronics Air Purifier (AS309DWA)
*Test conditions: Turbo wind operation, 259 ㎥ (9.8 x 9.8 x 2.7 m)
*Test method: Measure wind speed with an anemometer (KANOMAX Anemomaster Model 6115) at a distance of 7.5 m from the product
- Measurement of fine dust removal performance with a particle counter (Grimm OPC model 1.109) using test particles with a particle diameter of 0.3 μm at a certain distance from the product (Comparison of Clean Booster Mode and Dual Clean Mode)
*Test result: Measurement of wind speed of 0.25 m/s at a distance of 7.5 m from the product. 24% faster cleaning when in Clean Booster mode
*Based on laboratory measurements and may vary in production environments.
  • Air-Clean Lighting1

    Air-Clean Lighting

    Light in the panel changes reflecting pollution degree.

  • Snow Flake Air Hole1

    Snow Flake Air Hole

    Snow like air holes make contemporary atmosphere in the product.



  • Coverage
    91 sq meter
    Dimension(HxWxD, mm)
  • Finishing
    360° Purification
  • Clean Booster
    Baby Care
  • 6 Step Total Care

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