How to Participate

Join us as we spread the power of positivity, Follow these easy steps to take part in the challenge and stand a chance to win big with LG where 
Life's Good...
  • 1. Join the Life's Good Zone1

    1. Join the Life's Good Zone

    Sign up/ Log in to the Life's Good Zone , by completing a simple sign up form.

  • 2.Craft Your Life's Good Story1

    2.Craft Your Life's Good Story

    Share a personal story of overcoming a challenge and finding success. Express yourself with an engaging image and include relevant hashtags to make your entry count!

  • 3. Share Your Masterpiece1

    3. Share Your Masterpiece

    Post your story on the challenge page and let your creativity shine! Don't forget to add the necessary hashtags.

  • 4. Spread the Word!1

    4. Spread the Word!

    Share the link to your unique post far and wide. Stay tuned for winner announcements on our social media channels. Best of luck!

My Life's Good Story Zone

Whether its getting second chances or finding love in unexpected places, we believe that everyone has a
Life's Good Story

The optimists: brave and unlimited

Click to see their optimistic stories that move them forward to a "Good Life"

At LG, we’re fueled by optimism.
It’s in our DNA.

We’ve bravely strived for innovation for a better life for all.
LG encourages those who choose to be optimists1

LG encourages those who choose to be optimists

to make a better life and a better future.

Choose to be optimistic.

Then you’ll see why Life’s Good.
Life's Good

Life’s Good.
It’s just two little words.

But it’s an idea with real power.
Because those who dare to believe it
are the people who change the world.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe.

Indeed, when life has so many setbacks, changes, and reasons to doubt.
Yet, it takes guts to be optimistic.1

Yet, it takes guts to be optimistic.

People who bravely choose to be
optimistic in any circumstance can
truly experience 'Life’s Good.'