• Your Guide to a Smart Home System

    Is your schedule always busy and hectic? Do daily chores and tasks make it more challenging to manage? Do you want to make some changes to lead an easier, more practical and convenient life? If so, you should consider home automation, also known as smart home systems.

  • What is a Smart Home System?

    A smart home system is an interconnected network set up in an apartment or a house, which allows the owner to control their home appliances remotely and/or by voice demand. The following are the elements that make up a smart home:

  • 1. Smart Home Appliances and Devices: If you want to build a smart home system, you need to buy smart home appliances and devices designed and ready to be part of home automation.

    2. Smartphone: You need a tool to enable you to control your smart home system, and ideally - it is none other than your smartphone that is in your reach most of the time.

    3. Wi-Fi Connection: This is like the glue that sticks all the pieces together; without a Wi-Fi connection, home automation will simply not operate as you will not be able to connect your smartphone to your smart home appliances.

  • Now that it is clear what a smart home system is and the elements that go into it, read below to discover how to build a smart home system with LG.

  • Smart Home Systems with LG

    Since LG prioritizes your convenience and comfort, it provides you with everything you need to build a smart home system, assuming that you have a strong Wi-Fi connection already set up at your home and a smartphone at hand.

  • ● LG Smart Home Appliances

    Purchasing smart home appliances is the first step to establishing a smart home, and there is no better place to start than LG. The following are some of the smart home appliances provided for you by LG that you can start building your smart home system with:

  • ● Smart TVs: LG offers you smart TVs such as Smart OLED TVs powered by advanced artificial intelligence technologies that make your home smart and convenient. Some of these technologies are the intelligent voice recognition feature that enables you to control your TV with simple commands.

  • In addition, there are AI processors that analyze on-screen content to adjust it to the best possible audio, picture and video in accordance with your viewing environment.

    Also, these TVs provide a Home Dashboard that displays the status of your other smart home appliances and notifies you of any situation that you should be aware of, such as the fridge door being open and the remaining time for the washing cycle to end.

  • ● Smart Washing Machines: Smart washing machines from LG, such as AI DD™ / DD washing machines, identify your laundry’s fabric type and recommend the best laundry course for it. They also troubleshoot minor issues quickly before they escalate.

  • ● Smart Refrigerators: Smart refrigerators from LG are designed to be connected to your smartphone to control the refrigerator’s temperature, control Express Freeze, and receive any diagnostics of your refrigerator.

  • ● LG ThinQ App

    After purchasing the smart home appliances you need and already having a Wi-Fi connection and a smartphone, you have almost everything you need for your smart home system. The only thing you are still missing is the LG ThinQ App.

  • This app is available on App Store and Google Play, so you are a few taps away from installing it and having your smart home system up and running.

  • Here is what to expect from the LG ThinQ App:

  • 1. Remote Control: This first feature of the app allows you to start, stop and check the status of your home appliances wherever you are. Do you want to turn on the low-energy mode in your smart refrigerator while away? Or control your TV from another room? Just tap open the LG ThinQ App!

    2. Monitoring: This second feature allows you to monitor the progress your smart washing machine or smart dryer is making so you do not wait by them, in addition to checking their status and that of other appliances while you are away.

    3. Proactive Care: Maintenance is an important part of sustaining your home appliances and making the best use of them, and that is why setting up your smart home system with LG is ideal; the LG ThinQ App checks if your Wi-Fi connected smart home appliances are running properly, and it notifies you with alerts when minor issues come up in order to prevent bigger issues of occurring.

    4. Diagnosis: Troubleshooting in case any appliance develops a problem is also essential and it save you time as well as the hassle of having to deal with rogue technicians. With the app you can easily DIY and run a diagnostic on LG Smart Wi-Fi enabled Home appliances at the palm of your hands.

  • Conclusion

    You can find all you need for home automation at LG, which includes smart home appliances and the LG ThinQ App. Simply connect your appliances to your Wi-Fi and the app, and you have a smooth, running smart home system that aims to achieve maximum efficiency, convenience and ease just for you.