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Is it digital broadcasting you are watching?

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  • Last Updated 22/06/2016

Is it digital broadcasting you are watching?


For analogue and digital signal, if the broadcasting station transmits captioned broadcasting, user can use caption feature.

User can customize the font size, color, etc. for [Digital caption 1~6]
Select [Auto] or [Custom].
If you select [Custom], you can set font size/color/opacity and background color/opacity.

※ You can select [Digital caption] for digital signal only.

※ You can modify the font size for the models manufactured after 2009.

It is only applicable to digital/analogue signal and external input. It shows caption on the screen only when the broadcasting station transmits broadcasting with digital caption of Korean or English.

How to fix

 Remote control [Home] or [Smart] → [Setting] →[Option] → [Caption] →On

② [Home] or [Smart] of remote control → [SETTINGS] →[OPTION]→ [Caption]→ [Digital]

    → Custom: You can set font size, color, background, etc.

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