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[LG ThinQ] [App installation and sign in] How to install and sign in with LG ThinQ

  • Using the LG ThinQ application, you can remotely control LG products from your smart phone any time anywhere.
  • A limitless number of products can be registered per account by signing in with LG ThinQ.
  • 5G Wi-Fi connection is not available.
  • Products released since 2017 can be connected to 5G Wi-Fi. (Some models excluded/Check the icon.)
Images of Wi-Fi and ThinQ icons
Minimum requirements for smart phones
Android OS user environment
LG ThinQ App supports Android OS 7.0 or higher on a smart phone.
iOS user environment
LG ThinQ App supports iPhone iOS 11.0 or higher.
In addition to OS versions, there may be a limit in use depending on the performance of your smart phone.
  • RAM: 2GB or over
  • Resolution: 1280x800(WXGA) or over
  • Free storage: minimum 150MB

Try this

Installing ThinQ

1. Click the Play Store for Android phones or click the App Store for iPhones to install the LG ThinQ application. (Download application)

2. Once installation is completed, press Open to start using LG ThinQ.

Icon images of the play store on Android phones and the app store on iPhone

Log in (get LG ThinQ membership)

1. Log in with an account that you want to open.
(You can easily log in with another account without having to create an LG account.)

2. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up for LG ThinQ membership and then log in with your new account.
(It is recommended to create an LG account so that you can get the best service from LG ThinQ.)

3. Press Log In to LG Account and sign up for membership.

Create an account after clicking LG Account Login

4. Agree with the User’s Agreement.

5. Provide an ID (email) and a password for the account to be created.

Screen related to consent to the terms of use and account creation (ID, password, password re-enter, personal qualification expiration date)

6. Complete account authentication via the email you have provided.
(If you don’t receive an authentication email, press Send Email Again or check your All Mailbox or Spam Mailbox. If email reception fails, retry using another email address to create an account.)

7. Once authentication is complete, you will receive another email informing you that your account has been created successfully.

Account authentication and subscription email address verification screen, Switch to login screen after confirming mail sending authentication

8. If sign up is complete, log into ThinQ using your LG account and verify yourself.

9. After finishing with authentication, enter your nickname to log into the main menu of LG ThinQ.
(You need to complete authentication only once when you create an account. From then on, you can automatically log into LG ThinQ.)

Enter your email address and password and click Login, Nickname input screen → ThinQ app main screen

If you cannot log into ThinQ app

1. Completely remove the application and install it again.
While you are reinstalling the application, select Allow or Agree when you are asked to allow notification messages.

2. If you are already using a latest version of the application, go to Settings and select Allow Notifications, On, or Enable.
[Settings → Notifications → LG ThinQ → Allow Notifications]
※ How to set this may vary across smart phone devices.

3. Log in using the LG account you have created or a quick login account.
If you forget your LG account ID or password, find it via “Find Your ID and Reset Password” and then log in.

This guide was created for all models, so the images or content may be different from your product.

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