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What should I do when a circuit breaker is tripped?

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  • Last Updated 17/04/2015

What should I do when a circuit breaker is tripped?



cause Cause


         ■ When power capacity is insufficient, power may be cut during operation.


         ■ When a power cable is connected to a multi-tap strip instead of a single socket, circuit breaker can be tripped due to overload.



how to fix How to fix


         Please connect the power cable to a built-in socket and do not connect other devices.

             LG Electronics does not recommend use of a multi-tap strip.


         If use of a multi-tap strip is inevitable, please avoid using it with high capacity devices such as an iron or a hair dryer.

         A multi-tap strip should have a rated voltage over 250V and rated current of 15A.


         If the circuit breaker keeps tripping, please contact the apartment property management office or
            your local electric power corporation for repair.


             circuit breaker

                              <Check circuit breaker>









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