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Why are all my clothes coming out of my LG washing machine too wet after a cycle?

  • Water/Suds Issues
  • Does Not Drain/Spin (Clothes Too Wet)
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  • Dryers, Washing Machines
  • Last Updated 16/01/2013


If your washer does not appear to be spinning the clothes out, this could be the result of an undiscovered error code condition or as a result of the cycle that was chosen. A few things to check are:

Cycle Used

In certain cycles, spin speeds are restricted to lower RPMs. The ‘Delicates’ and ‘Bulky/Large’ are such cycles with lower spin speeds. The ‘Delicates’ cycle is restricted to lower spin speeds because the washer is designed to retain more water at the end of the cycle to protect the fabric from shrinkage and wrinkles. The spin speed of the ‘Bulky/Large’ cycle is around 600 RPMs to reduce the vibration since this cycle is designed for heavy clothes and comforters that may cause vibrations.

Spin Setting

Your washer has several spin speed options to choose from to optimize performance and fabric care. If a low spin speed was chosen by mistake, the unit will not spin out as much water as it would on a higher spin speed. This will result in the clothing coming out more wet than normal. Choose a higher spin speed for optimal performance.

Items Washed

Large items such as sheets, blankets and pillows do not distribute evenly across the surface of the drum. Because of this, they will not spin out as effectively as loads of the same size composed of smaller items. When washing these types of items, evenly distribute the item as best as possible, adding a couple of items to help distribute weight if necessary.

Excessive Suds

For best results, HE detergent is recommended in front load washers. However, even with HE detergent, it is important not to use too much. This becomes an even more critical factor if the water in the home is soft, or if softeners are added to it. Soft water causes excessive suds, which will prevent proper rinsing. Residue buildup from detergent can also prevent proper washing and draining.

If you are noticing excessive suds in your washer, reduce the amount of detergent that you are using by half.

Slow Drainage

Water remaining in the washer at the end of the cycle is usually the result of slow drainage. Be sure that the drain hose is installed properly and is not kinked or clogged. Also, check the drain filter at the bottom of the front left side of the machine and make certain it does not have anything obstructing it.

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