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Not draining

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  • Not Draining
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  • Last Updated 24/07/2017

Drain hose connection check

If the OE Error occurs on first use after the installation it is not unit problem but wrong installation.

This often occurs because Installer didn’t remove blocking area between the sink and the end of drain hose.

Contact the installer and request correct installation by making hole.

If the customer wishes to do this themselves, they should make a hole by drilling to remove block area in the vale and Reconnect the drain hose.

This indicates an installation issue with the drain hose. It is either kinked, too high, or too long.

Check the model specific installation instructions for length and minimum/maximum height requirements.

Installation issues should be corrected by the installer.

And check the drain hose and ensure that there are no bends or kinks.

Check filter clogging(food debris on filter)

If the mesh filter clogged with foods, water can not go into the drain pump.

It is recommended that the filter be cleaned after every cycle if possible.

The filter should be cleaned at least every 2-3 cycles(according to instructions in Owner’s manual)

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