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Motion Control How to use

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  • Last Updated 28/03/2015

Motion Recognition How to use

- Motion Recognition, allows you to control The TV by your hand movement for six important points:

     1- Power Off.                       

     2- Volume down.

     3- Volume Up.

     4- Change channels +.

     5- Change channels -.

     6- Access to Input List.

 -To be able to use this Function, you must have Built-in camera on your TV or External LG Camera connected via USB.

How To Use :

1- After opening the camera or installing the external camera go to Setting Settings and sellect " General " and switch the " Motion Recognition" to "on".

2- Look at the camera and lift your hand near your face with your index finger straight and pointing up while watching TV. The motion recognition controller appears on the TV screen.

Use Finger Gesture

3- Function will apear as below:

(Image shown may differ from your TV)Finger Gesture


Note : Motion Recognition is only a function for watching TV and it is not supported when using the smart menu, such as when connecting wireless devices, including TV apps or USB ports.


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