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How to clean your TV screen?

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  • Last Updated 28/04/2015

How to clean your TV screen?


Symptom Symptom


          1. There are smudges and stains on the TV screen.



How to clean TV screen How to clean TV screen


             1. When you clean TV main boards and outer screen, turn off and unplug the TV.


             2. Wipe gently with a dry microfiber cloth in one direction. Avoid use of water and cleaning products.


             3. To clean fingerprints on TV screen, slightly wet the cloth with water only and wipe the screen.

             4. Use provided screen cleaning cloth to prevent scratches.

             ※ Note: Do not use car polisher and cleaning agents for industrial purposes, abrasives, wax, benzene and alcohol.

                             These chemicals can permanently discolor the screen or cause other damages.


How to prevenet Scratches How  to prevent scratches

             1. Use screen cleaning cloth (Avoid use of rough cloth).

             2. Follow instructions
on the manual for cleaning TV.

             3. Keep your keys and
children’s toys away from TV.

             4. Pack
TV safely with heavy duty protection such as bubble wraps before transportation.


                         Wipe TV screen gently with a dry microfiber cloth

                                  <Wipe TV screen gently with a dry microfiber cloth>

                          A Microfiber cloth suitable for TV screen cleaning

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