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No signal message on the screen.

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  • Last Updated 23/06/2016

No signal message on the screen.


When wrong input mode is selected, broadcasting channel reception through antenna terminals is unstable or the operation of external devices (set-top box, DVD, Blue-ray, game console, etc.) is not normal

How to fix

1.  Check input mode.

※ If antenna is connected, select TV mode or current broadcasting mode.

If set-top box is connected, select the input terminal where the set-top box is connected.

e.g.) Component, HDMI, etc.

 2.  Check the status of antenna connection.

 3. Check if reception condition is normal.

    - If certain channels do not show up, this may be caused by the unstable reception.

    - When it comes to set-top box, check the operation of set-top box.



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