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Sound doesn't come out of the woofer

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  • Last Updated 14/07/2016

Sound doesn't come out of the woofer


There is sound on Sound bar but no sound on the Woofer.
Setting to have sound from both the sounda bar and woofer.

 How to fix

1) Set as below if there is no sound from sound bar woofer.
2) Is the LED lamp at the woofer ON?
3) If not, check the power cable.
4) If the green LED light blinks or red LED light is on, it means the unit and woofer are disconnected.
5) If there is no sound, try to reset as below.
6) Press STOP button on the unit and number 6 button of remote control at the same time and hold them for more than 5sec.
7) It will show WL RESET on the display.
8) If WL RESET is played,
9) Press PAIRING button on the rear of woofer with a pointed tool (like ball pen) for more than 5 sec.
10) Then green and red light will blink alternately.
11) Unplug the power cable of the unit and the woofer.
12) See if the LED lamp is off.
13) After a minute, plug in the power cable of the unit and the woofer.
14) Turn the unit on.  
15) If the green LED light of woofer blinks fast and stops, it is set well.
Check whether you have sound from the unit and the woofer.
16) If there is still no sound, try to repeat the procedure once again.

[Press STOP & No. 6 simultaneously]    [WL RESET]


Press PAIRING for 5sec.]   [Green LED On : Normal]

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