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What is a spongelike material sticking out?

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  • Last Updated 16/05/2015

What is a spongelike material sticking out?(Side by side/housdehold refrigerators)






symptom Symptom


               Insulating foam showing on the outside of a refrigerator.






potential cause Potential cause


1. Refrigerators are insulated to keep the cold air inside.

2. Insulating foam is inserted during the manufacturing process.


how to fix How to fix

            1. Insulating foam does not affect the refrigerator performance, therefore it can be removed or left as it is. 

            2. A round sticker is attached at the back to hide the insulating foam inside. Use it as it is, however, performance of the product will not be affected when removed. 


             insulating foam not shown

             Refrigerator insulating not shown outside

             insulating foam showing

             Insulating foam showing (Can be removed)

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