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Smartphone Email Setup - Android (2016)

  • Email\ Accounts
  • Add & setup account
  • Operation
  • Mobile Phones
  • Last Updated 23/04/2017
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Smartphone Email Setup - Android


To setup your personal email, tap the email icon.

Select the type of email account you have.

Enter your user name.

And password.

And tap the next button.

Your account is setup, tap done to finish.

And you’ll see the inbox for this account.

If you want to add a Microsoft exchange account for work or school, tap the email icon.

Tap the menu button and select settings.

Tap add account.

Then select Microsoft exchange.

Enter your email address.

And password.

And tap the manual setup button.

Enter your server address and domain.

You may need to contact your organization to get this information.

Then tap next.

Select the data to synchronize.

And tap the next button.

Email setup is complete.

Tap done to continue and the inbox of the exchange account appears.

Read the notice carefully, then tap the activate button.

You can see all your accounts and their default folders by tapping the icon on the left side.

Select a different folder to see it.


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