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LG Dishwasher - IE error

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  • Dishwashers
  • Last Updated 01/09/2019
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LG Dishwasher - IE error

  • IE error

  • Water does not fill the appliance properly.

  • Turn off the appliance.

  • Check the following for the IE error:

    • Check the water pressure.

    • Check the water tap or valve.

    • Check the water supply hose.

    • Check the water supply.

  • Check the water supply

  • Make sure water pressure is 20 - 80 psi.

  • Check the water tap or valve

  • Make sure the water valve is fully opened.

  • Check the water supply hose

  • Check the water supply hose.

  • Make sure that the line is not kinked or sharply bent.

  • Check the filter on the water supply hose.

  • Unplug the appliance and turn off the water tap or water valve.

  • Unscrew the water supply hose.

  • Remove the seal and plastic filter with a pair of small pliers or scissors.

  • Clean the filter with a soft brush under running water.

  • Refit the filter and gasket.

  • Ensure it is sitting correctly.

  • Refit and secure the water supply hose in reverse order.

  • Do not use any mechanical device to tighten the hose.

  • When reassembling the seal and the filter, ensure they're free from dirt or grit that may have come from the water supply.

  • Turn on the water tap or water valve.

  • If there is a leak, the water supply hose will need to be checked for proper connection.

  • Plug in appliance.  


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