Advanced Materials

  • As a Advanced Material technology, we bring a broad spectrum of experiences to our customers. We explore the undiscovered potential of functional glass technology, to broaden use, increase functions, and create a future full of possibilities.

Antimicrobial Glass Powder

  • Revolutionary glass technology, from decades-long expertise. LG Electronics glass powder is made with our cutting-edge design tech, to equip a wide range of materials with antimicrobial properties. Integrated into fiber paint and plastic injections, it provides a reliable protective coating to product surfaces. The ultimate shield from bacteria and contaminants.

Porcelain Enamel Glass Powder

  • Excellence in glass materials. LG Electronics porcelain enamel glass powder is the cornerstone of our revolutionary glass technology research. From this pioneering material, we developed EasyClean—a specialized enamel coating technlogy applied to all LG ovens for superior results. Discover limitless possibilities from advanced glass technology.

Specialty Glass Powder

  • World leader in glass materials. LG Electronics has a long-standing history of creating specialty glass materials tailored to customers' unique requirements. Our unrivaled expertise in glass composition design allows us to craft glass technology unmatched on the market. Experience the agility of advanced glass technology, for use in diverse industries

Material Customization Process

  • Providing Samples

    Providing Samples

    Verify feasibility through samples of customized functional glass for clients

  • Material Specification Finalization

    Material Specification Finalization

    Confirm detailed specifications of the client’s desired material

  • Material Development

    Material Development

    Develop material after meeting the specifications and considering the commercialization of material

  • Commercialization


    Commercialize develop material for mass production

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