Commercial Solutions

Increase your commercial property's value with optimal energy solutions

Key Features

  • Energy Saving

    - Energy efficiency with innovative technologies
    - Various heat sources for eco-friendliness
    - A Human Detection Sensor adjusts time and direction

  • Optimal Design & Performance

    - Tailored design & performance for each space with various options
    - Slim and compact indoor units
    - Modular design with separate compressor and heat exchanger

  • Effective Management

    - Offers both individual and central control
    - Integrated energy monitoring & management
    - Easy management via smartphone


Increase your building's value with optimal enrgy solutions
For your office

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A more efficient way to keep your hotel pleasant
For your hotel

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Design your store to be a popular place
For your retail space

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Shopping Mall

Make your shoppers' stay more comfortable
For your shopping mall

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24/7 air care for health and comfort
For your hospital

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